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Directors and Officers

Retain highly qualified executives and board members with insurance that protects them from wrongful allegations.

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What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance protects the people who lead organizations. Nonprofits, financial institutions, public companies, and private companies are all susceptible to costly legal issues and wrongful allegations surrounding members of their leadership boards. Whether they are threatened by employees, clients, investors, or other parties, D&O insurance helps protect executive members and/or your company from financial and legal damage suffered from allegations and lawsuits.

D&O insurance policies typically provide protection and support in cases of:

  • Regulatory actions
  • Securities litigation
  • Allegations of misrepresentation
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties

Powerful figures in companies and organizations of any size are often the targets of lawsuits, and it’s important to have insurance that helps fight the allegations and cover the legal costs. To learn more about D&O insurance and if it’s right for your company, talk to one of our agents today.

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