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Protecting Your Business in the Event of a Tornado

The Spring season may bring the rain showers and flower blooms we have come to associate with this time of year, but the constant change in temperatures and air pressure also has another effect – tornadoes. Certain parts of the U.S. are at higher risk for tornadoes, even being called “Tornado Alley,” but they can truly happen anywhere that warm, humid air meets cool, dry air. The majority of tornadoes occur between March and May, but they may take place seasonally if there are significant changes in weather patterns. 

If your business is located in an area like the Great Plains or Southeastern U.S., you are more likely to encounter damage from a tornado. Because these natural disasters are often unpredictable and occur in the evening or even overnight while you are away from your office, it can feel impossible to stay protected against tornadoes. However, one of the best ways to secure your business is through tornado insurance. 

There are a few types of insurance that can provide you with coverage after a tornado. Here are options to consider depending on your operations. 

Commercial Property

You may have traditional insurance for your office building to protect the location in the event of a tornado. Most standard policies have some amount of coverage for this, but you will want to check the value of the property against what your policy allows for. If your policy covers the cost to rebuild but you have done significant work upgrading and outfitting the property to suit your business needs, such as adding a kitchen or additional restrooms, you will want to be sure your policy is updated to reflect this. 


Loss-of-use insurance is an added coverage policy that provides reimbursement for the time when you are not able to use your business office. This could include a short-term office rental or community space while your property is being rebuilt. 

Comprehensive Coverage

If your business has its own vehicles or fleet cars for work-related use, you will want to be sure you have comprehensive car insurance that includes coverage for tornadoes. Should you decide to ship this coverage in order to save on the monthly cost, you will find yourself in a difficult position if these vehicles are damaged or a total loss due to tornadoes. By having this added coverage, you can also ensure that work can resume much more quickly if your business relies on traveling to your customers. 

Personal Property

Personal property insurance is another vital protection against tornadoes. If you own the land that surrounds your business, this is a key policy to consider. It protects your property, belongings, and any damages due to theft or vandalism. While you hope this never happens, it is a frequent occurrence after natural disasters. Having an accurate inventory of the business’s assets, furniture, and more will come in handy should you be a victim of theft after your property is damaged by a tornado. 

Tornadoes can be one of the most devastating natural disasters. While they are rare in some parts of the country, they are extremely common in others. If you are not sure if obtaining any form of tornado insurance is right for you, just consider the years of investments you have made in building your business. This can be taken away in a matter of minutes if a tornado strikes. To determine which coverage policies are ideal for your business’s needs, speak with your insurance agent today.