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Protecting Your Pet During the Holiday Season

The holidays are full of excitement and celebrations with family and friends. While getting ready for the festivities, meals, and decorating time that is planned can create excitement for you and your furry friends, there are several things to watch out for. As their owner, it’s important to consider how things like festive plants, lighting, and additional festive changes around your home could affect the safety of your pets. Below are some safety tips to help protect your pets during the holiday season. 

Hide and Cover Electrical Wires

Lights and electrical decorations typically lead to new cords being scattered around the house. This can lead to your pets trying to eat or play with the wires and this could cause harm if they were to break the protective coating. To ensure their safety, make sure all cords are secure or hidden from them. As an additional protection measure, unplugging the cord while you’re away can minimize the risk of electrocution. 

Cover Food

Holiday celebrations always come with delicious food at gatherings. It’s important to remember that your pets shouldn’t eat certain foods because it can make them severely sick. When you decide to wrap up mealtime, make sure that all of your countertops and surfaces are clear of any food, store all leftovers away and take the trash out. Double-check that all of your lids on your trash bins are secure to ensure that your dogs will be deterred from trying to dig into them. 

Remove Candles

Lighting candles during the holidays can add a charming glow and warmth to your home but, they can be a danger to your pets and create a potential fire hazard. Most importantly, never leave a lit candle unattended because your curious pet could burn themselves or knock over the candle. Look at using battery-lit candles instead to keep you and your pets safe during the holiday season.

Research Traditional Holiday Greenery

Did you know that common holiday plans are dangerous for your furry friends? Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias can easily cause your cat or dog to have cardiovascular or gastrointestinal issues if they were to ingest them. Different plants can also affect different animals and breeds in unique ways. Do your research on how specific holiday plants may affect your pet before deciding to showcase them in or around your home.

Speak with your local insurance agent about policies that could help protect your pets and home during the holiday season.